Skin Calming Overnight Mask


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Rich in azulene, a soothing and calming extract from chamomile which gives it a natural blue color, this overnight treatment turns from a whipped mask to a light oil, transforming your skin!

Powerful multi-tasking antioxidants Νiacinamide and Vitamin C, strong moisturising polysaccharides and essential Ω3-6-9 fatty acids, relieve thirsty skin and support the skin barrier function for a smooth, plumped, dewy complexion.

An original, convenient mask that needs no rinsing, gets absorbed by the skin, working overnight to transform your skin. Ideal to be part of any skincare routine!

Fragrance Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Calming Mask!

I have really allergic skin when using beauty products but with this mask I didn't have to worry about that! It helped my skin look more hydrate plus it made my skin feel great. I will buy it again for sure.

blue miracle

In the morning my skin feels so soft and smooth to the touch

I will continue to buy this!

I wake up with soft, silky and hydrated looking skin! I will definitely be using this product from now on!

Thank you for such a great product!

The only thing that has helped my skin!!! I wish I had found this product earlier to save my skin troubles! I live in a warm, dry climate and my skin had lost its moisture. This mask has been such a help for repairing my weakened skin cells and restoring my skin barrier!

Versatile Night Mask or Night Cream

This is a beautiful blue colored nourishing mask. I do not like masks, so I use it as a night cream. It is ideal to use as a base for mixing. I mix it with my tretinoin, it could also be mixed with retinol or niacinamide powder. It is soothing and fragrance free so it is perfect for sensitive skin. I would recommend it for normal to oily skin as a face mask but if you have dry skin it can be used as a night cream.

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