DIVINE SEEDS' founders and team

Ιt is our passion for and admiration of mother nature that ignited our desire to found “Divine Seeds”. Standing in the middle of a field full of artichokes on the island of Crete, devouring the greek sun, it all came together. We were destined to become entrepreneurs who would harvest the beauty and magic of nature and transform it into indispensable, instrumental products that promote our lives’ quality. 

Our close attachment to prickly pears and artichokes in any form, from eating the fruit to drinking the spirits produced from these blessed seeds, led us to go deeper and explore the identities of these two plants.

We would not have believed back then that their extracts could form the quintessence of actives that form the base of truly effective cosmetics. These actives from plants that survive in harsh conditions make our skin resilient to the climatic extremes we are experiencing everyday, be it in the urban environment or during a hike, on the ski slopes or on the seaside.

What you are experiencing is a blend of nature, poetry and science. Integrated cosmetics, ideally formulated for the human skin.

We are residing in Greece and seeking excellence in our personal and professional life. Our main driver is creating long-lasting and iconic products that make our lives more stimulated and our hearts calmer.


Yota Papageorgaki

Yota is a passionate mother, avid traveller and nature afficionado. She is an instructor of the English language with a passion for words and for eclectic skincare products and other products that make her life fuller and happier. In a life of abundant choices she chooses to be eclectic - living in quality and being a socially conscious entrepreneur.


Stavros Damianidis


Stavros is the CEO and a shareholder of LDK Consultants, a leading multinational development consultancy with projects in over 100 countries worldwide. In LDK’s history, more than 2,500 projects have contributed to making sustainability omnipresent. His main passion in life is hiking and music composition.


Panagiotis Chatzakos

Panagiotis is the Head of Operations. He is a logistics expert with prior experience in shipping and profound knowledge of IT issues.

Lilly Gallis

Lilly is a Marketing Communication expert  and Women leadership advocate.