Terms of Use of the Website
DIVINE SEEDS SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY (hereinafter the "Company") through its website www.divineseeds.gr (hereinafter ‘’WS’’) provides the user with the opportunity to get informed about the Company and the products it provides as well as to purchase the products offered online.
The access and use of the WS is subject to the present terms of use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use"). Please read the following terms carefully. If you continue to navigate the Company's WS it will mean that you declare that you have read, you have fully understood and accepted the Terms of Use. In case you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you must not use the content and services of the WS.
The users of the WS remain solely responsible for all their actions while using the WS. Users may be liable for damages or losses of the Company or third parties from the actions undertaken while using the WS.
1. Intellectual and industrial property rights
All content of the WS (except the content under third parties’ IP rights), which includes indicatively and not restrictively, logos, trademarks, distinctive titles, graphics, texts, photos, sounds, video, etc. is subject to exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights of either the Company or companies affiliated with the Company and is protected under the relevant national and international provisions of law, mainly on Intellectual and Industrial Property. It is noted that intellectual and industrial property rights exist also on the copies of the content of the WS that were created based on it.
Any use or copy, reproduction, distribution, presentation, connection, downloading, or otherwise exploitation, for commercial purposes, in any way or by any means, of the content of the WS, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited, without the prior written permission of the Company or the third party - owner of the copyright or industrial property rights. The above actions are indicative and not restrictive.
Other products or services which may be mentioned in the WS which bear the trademarks of third parties, companies, partners, etc. constitute their own intellectual and industrial property.
The ability to access and use the software that is associated with the WS (hereinafter the "Software"), does not create rights of the user on the Software. Users must avoid any act of reproduction, modification, translation or in general infringement of the Software and its content by them or by third parties in any way or by any means.
The Company hereby grants users with a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable, freely revocable and free license to use the Software, which will last only for as long as is necessary for the use of the WS in accordance with the Terms of Use.
The users shall compensate any positive and / or consequential loss of the Company due to the violation of its rights and / or third parties’ rights or misuse or illegal use of the WS.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Company explicitly states that any ideas and opinions expressed in any way in the WS are ideas and opinions of the users who express them and who are solely liable to the Company and to any third party.
2. User Behavior - Limitation of Liability
Users shall use this WS exclusively for legal purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede the use by third parties. WS users accept and agree that (a) they comply with applicable laws and regulations, including the provision of a legal age limit to perform legal acts (for example, in Greece, persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to make purchases through the WS), b) abstain from any action that may cause damage or malfunction to the WS and therefore to the Company, c) their use of the WS does not violate in any way privacy, the personal data, the individual and social rights of users or third parties, d) their use of the WS does not in any way offend the personality of third parties, e) their use of the WS does not mislead or harm the Company or any third party and f) their use of the WS does not infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of any third party. If the above occurs, the Company is entitled to terminate the user's access to the WS and retains all its legal rights against the user. In case the Company is obliged to pay any compensation to third parties, as a consequence of the breach of the user's obligations, the latter must fully compensate the Company.
In any case, the Company, reserving all its other rights, reserves the right not to allow, reject or even delete content which in its absolute discretion violates the Terms of Use or the rights of any third party. Each user is solely responsible for the material or content that he submits or uploads to the WS or for any information that he transmits to other users.
The content of the WS does not constitute an encouragement or inducement to carry out any transaction with the Company, nor does it constitute a recommendation or advice.
3. Connection to third-party websites
The Company's WS may refer users through links (hyperlinks, banners) to third party websites. The content of these websites is the sole responsibility of their providers and their use is subject to their respective terms of use. For any issue arising from the visit or use of third-party websites, users acknowledge and agree that they should contact the providers of these websites directly, who are responsible for providing their services. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content and privacy practices adopted by the provider of any website, such as liability for copyright or industrial property rights or any third-party rights. If the user of the WS decides to use, through the links of the Company, a third-party website, he is solely responsible for accessing these websites.
4. WS Access and Security
Access to the WS is provided following an initiative of the user and not the Company. Access to the WS may be suspended by the Company due to its maintenance, upgrade or interruption of electronic communication or other related cause. The Company does not bear any responsibility if, for any reason, the WS is not available at any time or for any period as it cannot guarantee its uninterrupted operation.
The Company makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in its WS is complete, up-to-date and accurate. However, the Company is not liable, even in case of negligence, for any damage caused as a result of error or delay or inability to transmit the information as well as in case of inaccuracy of the information (including the deviation of the products from their images in the WS).
The user of the WS must have the necessary equipment, software as well as telecommunication internet access or any other necessary service to access the WS and is solely responsible for protecting the means used while accessing the WS from viruses or other malicious software.
The Company takes all necessary security measures to protect the WS from viruses and other malicious software as well as to prevent attacks and other unauthorized actions, but it cannot guarantee that the content of the WS is free of viruses or other harmful elements and is not responsible for any damage caused to the user's equipment, software or files, as well as for any other damage that the user may suffer as a result of the above.
5. Personal Data
The management and protection of the personal data of the user of the WS is governed by these Terms of Use, as well as the Company’s Policy for the Processing of Personal Data. Please refer to the relevant section.
At the WS we use "cookies" for many different reasons, always aiming to create a safer and more efficient environment for our visitors / users. See Cookies Policy for more information.
6. Statements - Disclaimers
Users agree that they use the WS at their own risk. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Company and the users, and to the maximum extent provided by the Applicable Law, the Company offers the services of the WS and its content "As is" for personal use and does not make any explicit, implied or other statement or guarantee regarding the WS and its use. Indicatively and not restrictively, the Company does not make statements and guarantees of non-violation or absence of hidden or other defects, accuracy or absence of identifiable or non-identifiable errors.
The Company does not bear any responsibility for: (a) errors, inaccuracies, (b) any damage (material or non-material) resulting from the use of the WS, (c) any interruption, pause, poor quality of service of the WS, (d) viruses, trojan horses which may be transmitted by the WS or any third party using the WS and (e) any mistake related to action or omission with regards to WS content or any damage caused by the use of the WS content.
7. Applicable Law – Miscellaneous
The above Terms of Use are governed by Greek national and European law and other international conventions. If any of the above Terms of Use is contrary to the legal framework and is canceled for this reason, it automatically ceases to be valid without affecting the validity of the other terms in any way.
For the interpretation of these Terms of Use as well as for the resolution of any dispute arising from these Terms of Use, the courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction.
These Terms of Use and any rights contained therein constitute the overall agreement between the Company and the users of the WS and the parties are bound by them.
These Terms of Use and any rights contained in them may not, unless expressly provided, be the subject of transfer or assignment by users without the prior written consent of the Company. The Company may transfer and assign its rights without any further formalities.
The Company has the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time, without notice, announcing the amendments through the WS. Following the announcement of any amendment, continued use of the WS constitutes acceptance of the amendment.
For any communication with the Company regarding its WS and the services provided through it, you can contact us via e-mail at info@divineseeds.gr